BOOK ONE – Glix Leroux has a very nice, normal life in a small-but-nice planetoid. But when Hallah’s first skyfall rains flaming destruction, her nice life begins to unravel. But running away not only only exposes her to illegal dreams (dreams are banned in Quince), it gives her nasty speech condition free reign. When a rant gone awry thrusts her into the limelight as Fogwit City’s latest Rising Star, her hopes for returning to a normal, nice life are dashed. But she has talent…and as a new supercelebrity she makes powerful new friends…more than one of the boyish variety. Glix also makes powerful new enemies, including a rich and conniving understudy.

As her planet spirals toward self-destruction, Glix fights the growing realization that she may be something special. When she accidentally makes an enemy of Lady Crocus, the mysterious sky goddess, she is forced into a dangerous choice: ignore her budding powers and let her planet die…or embrace them and join the rebels’ secret battle to save Hallah. Possibly there is help hidden in her bizarre dreams…if she can find it.

BOOK TWO – In the world above, the bombardment by Hallah’s sky is getting worse by the day. But in the help fairy grottoes, the once-heroic Glix Leroux is unable to help. Recovering from massive injuries, she is forced into a dreary new life as a help fairy acolyte named Lunziq. Her once-glamorous, exciting life is now an endless string of drab gray days. Only her dreams offer a shred of hope. Then a chance for a harrowing escape appears.

Once outside the grottoes her life spins in a strange direction. A new real-life acting role is supposed to keep her safe, but she has something the help fairy Grand Mother desperately wants back…and what the “Old Demon” wants, she gets. Even Glix’s long lost Aunt Marma and yet another disguise can’t keep the dreaded redhoods at bay for long. After a mind-to-mind encounter in a different grotto leads to a short-lived victory, Glix is left for dead in a world of pain called the Well of Life. Hallah still needs her, but all Glix has left are weary dreams. When help arrives, it’s almost too late; now Glix must decide just how much she really wants to live.


Besides sodbunnies

and humans, the planetoid called Hallah is home to a number of delightfully odd creatures: pranksies, windsharks, butterwings, perfins and squarms, just for starters. And not to forget the oh-so-helpful help fairies who are still mostly human.

     Until the first skyfall blasted a huge hole in it, Hallah was the sort of planet just about anybody in their right mind would like to live in. Now something – or someone – is killing Hallah. On purpose. Hallah urgently needs a hero, and who could be a less likely planet-saver than a young Quincian Queen of Niceness named Glix Leroux? Fortunately, there are some odd things about Glix….


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