•  GENESIS — The chapter on St. Coriander from Oddballs, Cults & Worldchangers: A History of the IsoTown Movement, 2138-2238, by Lavendra Cortioli, PhD.

•  Holy Quincunx (“Pentalisk Towers”) architectural design concept

•  Clanthink (selections)

•  Refdoc: Merlin’s Hourglass, which reveals certain remarkable characteristics of this singular artifact

•  Newsclip: An Adjunct’s Final Flap, wherein something can be learned about the redoubtable Exeter's earlier days

•  St. Coriander Land Use Diagram: 2210-2254

•  Clans Dunnigan Chronologue, 2150-2234 (a SCIAK student paper with professorial comments that illuminates the origins of the Clans Dunnigan, Nevergates, wyverns and such)

•  Painting by Iris Ho of Septriq first edition software jacket concept design

•  Game reviews: The Great Nevergate Hack, 2231 Edition, by RapZap Media

•  Text of unpublished Oprah 5 interview with Victoria Kathleen Dunnigan and Donella Viola Dunnigan, which reveals something about how the mothers of three tiers of 100 podborns each feel about giving births to their first natborn offspring.

 ~ E.T. Ellison (aka The Chronicler)

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