A lot of people who don't much like science fiction or fantasy still like to eat. And some even like to visit  out-of-the-way places and meet out-of-the-way characters. This book is for all those people.


Recipe Rangers in the West is not only a collection of amazing and unique recipes but a virtual road trip through the Southwest with two very enjoyable authors/explorers. The last time I had this much vicarious fun on a road trip was when the Ricardos and the Mertzes traveled cross country to Hollywood!

I am not kidding when I say "get ready to drool." Just READING these recipes made me want to call in sick to work so I could cook the day away. I can't wait to try all of these dishes and condiments but here are the ones that have rocked my world (and my discriminating boyfriend's), so far.

The Italian Breakfast Muffins are not to be believed. Delish....a great "grab and go" for a rushed morning...and I look forward to pairing them with the His n' Hers Scones. I may never eat oatmeal again.

Preparing garlic bread is an easy way to contribute to any dinner and the O-Joe's Garlic Bread with the Power Garlic Schmeer will be my next party favor. And a great reminder that it's ALL about using the BEST sourdough bread!

Cool Slaw? YUM. The wasabi paste gives (C)ole Slaw a brand new kick. And instead of mayo, low fat yogurt is the healthier alternative - love it.

My boyfriend loves brownies but he does NOT like nuts (except for the ones in my family). The recipe for Best Brownies, made with REAL unsweetened baker's chocolate, will be my next treat for him and I may even toss some nuts (for me) into the corner part of the pan. Everyone wins!

This recipe book is my new adventure and I can't wait to not only create these dishes, but read all about the adventures of the Recipe Rangers. I can only hope that they write a follow up about another part of the U.S...and keep on taking those road trips!"


Suppose you were in a nice campground, say in the California Redwoods, surrounded by giant mossy boles and lush ferns, and you saw an ancient camper rig parked nearby. A big sign is in its front window with the words “Recipe Rangers: We Trade” printed in fancy, colorful letters. What would you do next?


Maybe you'd walk up and say something like, “Hi. Saw your sign…Recipe Rangers. What’s that about?”


If you did (thereby revealing yourself as a curious and daring Type 3 person), this is what you’d hear: “It’s real simple: got a good, unusual recipe? Something with tang and zing or that’s maybe just comfortable and satisfying every time you make it? We’ve got one.” And things would just evolve from there.


The one thing for sure is you’d take away a piece of paper embellished with the recipe for Ultimate Dressing and a fork-in-hat logo like the one below.


Because your eyeballs are here and not in, say, the California Redwoods, you can get the recipe for Ultimate Dressing just by saying "I really want to read your book," clicking your heels three times and then clicking the recipe image. Magic!

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