Sci-Fi Book of the Year Winner Returns from the Graveyard with Newly Revised Edition

Clownbox Press releases updated edition of author E T Ellison’s 2002 novel “The Luck of Madonna 13”

SEATTLE, WA – June 11, 2014 – A much-praised science fiction/fantasy novel from 2002 is back in print in a completely revised edition from Clownbox Press.

The Luck of Madonna 13 arrived on the book scene with a rare splash for a debut novelist and a rookie publisher. The hardcover Chronicler’s Edition chalked up a science fiction Book of the Year award and was hailed as one of the 92 Best Books of 2002. Unfortunately, the publisher ceased operations before the trade paperback edition was completed. Now, a dozen years later, E T Ellison’s genre-busting first book in the Last Nevergate Chronicles has returned from the graveyard with a new publisher and Amazon’s distribution muscle. “W-a-a-a-y overdue,” says Ellison.

The story Heartland Reviews called “science fiction at its best” is set in a remote part of New Mexico in a sparsely populated future Earth. It is the year 2534 and 16-year old Glendyl Fenderwell just got too lucky for her own good; for that, she’s forced out of tiny St. Coriander and into the Tusas Mountains wilderness on an absurd quest for the mythical Last Nevergate that devoured 249 Sixteeners before her.

Glendyl soon finds herself trapped between two ancient enemies in a war that never quite ended. She quickly — and painfully — discovers that one side wants her dead. But Glendyl is hard to kill…and she has other things to worry about, like whatever is hidden in her geneset that’s turning her into someone else. Will this biological time bomb transform her into the Wildcard predicted centuries ago, or just the latest dead quester?

Ellison tackles the nearly impossible challenge of knitting together persuasive technological realism with fantasy staples like castles, dragons and magic in a future Earth not wildly different from our own. Does it work? January Magazine called it “fantasy of an original enough nature to deserve its own genre.” Through it all runs an undercurrent of social commentary and satire delivered with wry humor and “cheerfully skewed wackiness.”

The author of three other books, Ellison spent decades as a business consultant and creative pro, working with multinationals and smaller firms in diverse fields. He currently lives west of the Cascades in a pigeon-friendly barn with his wife, Womana.

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