Steve Ellison is a real life master brewer. He’s also related to me by birth: his. Originally written as a birthday present, the Bittah Blue tale was inspired by the award-winning brews he created as a home brewer before he started brewing for pay in several of the Northwest’s excellent brewpubs. I confess that I have become a brew snob, thanks to what I’ve learned from Steve…and my tastebuds. This story — a fable, I suppose — can be seen as a small fictional tribute to all the people who have helped make the quaffing of brews such a delightful, diverse and ever-changing experience these days.

     The only thing about the story that I guarantee is real is the cover: I know this because I designed it myself. The image of the copper brewing vat in the background is also real; it’s at the Sapporo brewery in Hokkaido, Japan. Designer/photographer Brodie Karel took that sumptuous picture and was generous enough to let me use it.


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