ABOUT ME* — Like most people not born in a distant hypertech future, I was hatched the old-fashioned way. And as you can tell from my beard, not recently. Over the years I've had the good fortune of doing plenty of things I found interesting. In no particular order, these include working as a planner, a futurist, an evoluter, an entrepreneur, an art director and designer, a brandologist, a photographer, a copywriter, a ghostwriter, an editor, a portal publisher, a columnist, a counter role model for my children, a websmith, a communitarian, a permaculturist. At least those are ones I can remember without scratching my head in an unseemly way.

     As a business consultant during an earlier timezone of my life, I  found it rewarding and illuminating to work with multinationals whose names begin with the letter "M" and many smaller firms whose names do not. But making shit up and putting it in stories? Well, there just ain't nothin' quite that much fun.

     That said, my current work with the Institute for Perplexive Amusement (the nonalcoholic IPA), where I serve in the capacity of Chief Unscientist, can be almost that much fun. Sometimes. On a good day.

     For the locationally curious, I currently live in a reasonably civilized forest in California. It's crazy good.

Here's a nice chaka sign to loosen up your reading experience here.

     There are a lot of theories and conventions about the writing of bio blurbage. Most center around the idea that they should be written in third person voice, even when being written by the bio-ee. I've sure written enough of those. But since my previous webmaster, Fr Gulligan, has retired and left me without a handy third person, this time I'm going to stick my neck out and give you a first person, autobiographical version.


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