Publication History

E T Ellison’s critically acclaimed first volume in the Last Nevergate Chronicles was released in 2002 in the hardcover Chronicler’s Edition, a signed and numbered edition of 2,434 copies. The publisher, Wynderry Press, ceased operations prior to the release of a trade paperback edition a year later. In 2012 Ellison began to revise and update the original text and created a new companion volume, The Chronicler’s Compendium. The all-new edition of The Luck of Madonna 13 was soft-released by Clownbox Press in Kindle ebook and trade paper editions in the first quarter of 2014, along with the first two volumes in Ellison’s new series, the Hallah Saga.

     Both of Ellison’s “series” are more accurately single novels broken up into several volumes like The Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games, among others. Three chapters of book two in the Last Nevergate Chronicles are included in the updated editions, a reward for long-suffering readers who have not-so-patiently awaited the second volume, The Mask of Madonna 13.

The Story

In a remote part of New Mexico in a sparsely populated future Earth is a cloistered IsoTown called St Coriander. It is the year 2534 and 16-year old Glendyl Fenderwell just got too lucky for her own good; for that, she’s forced out of her cloistered life in her tiny IsoTown and into the unknown wilderness of the Tusas Mountains. With only a sharp-tongued, snotty backpack for company, she begins the absurd quest that devoured 249 Sixteeners before her.

     Seeking the possibly mythical Last Nevergate, Glendyl soon finds herself trapped between two ancient enemies in a bitter war that never quite ended. She quickly — and painfully — discovers that one side wants her dead. But Glendyl is hard to kill…and she has other things to worry about, like whatever is hidden in her geneset that’s turning her into someone else. Will this biological time bomb transform her into the Wildcard predicted centuries ago, or just the latest dead quester?

About the Story

When asked for a capsule summary of what The Luck of Madonna 13 is about, Ellison often just shrugs. Pressed, he may say it’s a “coming-of-age story” or a “quest story.” Or he might fall back on the “Warning to Reader” dustjacket flap copy he wrote for the original Chronicler’s Edition: “The person who wrote all the words inside is the absolute last person you want to write a tantalizing, one paragraph teaser. If authors were any good at one paragraph teasers, why would they have to write whole novels? Think about it.”

     While The Luck of Madonna 13 certainly is a quest story and a coming-of-age story, it’s also much more. Ellison’s debut novel has all the makings of an enduring classic: originality, intelligence, action and a richly executed vision. The Luck of Madonna 13 is an inventive fast-paced read salted with wry wit, whimsy, engaging characters, outrageous plot turns and very cool tech, like the main bad guy’s hot rod, a flying 1934 Ford coupe. Along the way the author weaves in thought-provoking encounters with topics like cloning, longevity, evolution, eugenics, transformation, created intelligences, spirituality, gambling, luck, magic, celebrity and wealth. Among others.

Publication Details

     There is also a colorful 114-page companion volume called The Chronicler’s Compendium (8.5”x11” PDF: $2.99 list, ISBN 978-0-9899196-3-0) that can be downloaded for free directly from the author’s website: www.etellison.com. It contains the controversial Genesis future history section that kicked off the Chronicler’s Edition, plus a wealth of other backstory and worldbuilding goodies, amusing tangents, hints, clues and more. •


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